23 - 24 September 2019
Lublin Conference Center



A vernissage of the painting exhibition by Piotr Łucjan "We, Nation"

Date: September 23, 17:00  
Place: Author's Gallery Łucjan, 12 Bernardyńska Street.

The latest works made by the Lublin artist Piotr Łucjan. This is the next stage of the works related to his recording of literary and cultural experiences. In previous works (the so-called "Drohobycz Tryptyk"), he refers to Jewish, Ukrainian and Polish heritage. The latest exhibition is current in socio-political events and has a polemical character. It treats the relationship between the common good and the individual's freedom and is the answer to the latest events in the country.

At the meeting you will be able to get free catalogs from the exhibition.



Meeting with PhD Andrij Sawenec

Date: September 23, 17:30
Place: Author's Gallery Łucjan, 12 Bernardyńska Street.

PhD Andrij Sawenec - translator, lecturer and author of Polish-Ukrainian poetic anthology entitled. „Lublin from afar, Lublin up close. Anthology of poetry about Lublin”.

At the meeting you will be able to get an anthology.



Screening of the film "Multicultural Lublin" of the Foundation of Spiritual Culture of the Borderland and presentation of „Stories from Borderland” picturebook by the Living Language Group, as part of the "Heritage and Reconciliation" line

Date: September 24, at 13.30
Place: Lublin Conference Center, 2 Grottger Street, room S8

This film is the effect of the project of the Lublin Foundation for Spiritual Culture of the Borderland. The heroes talk about their passions and the place where they live. Among them are Ukrainians, Japanese, Italian, Russian or Belarussian with Jewish and Armenian roots.


"Donbass War – a problem not only for Ukraine"

Date: September 24, at 17.30-19.00
Place: Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne, 2 Grottger Street, room S1

The war in the East of Ukraine, which has been continuing since 2014, is less and less catching the attention of international public opinion. It is a conflict that takes place on the outskirts of Europe, but its course and duration significantly affects the situation in the whole region. The subject of the discussion will be the answer to the question why the course and future of the conflict in the East of Ukraine is important for the future of the entire region of Eastern Europe and the European Union.

Anna Maria Dyner, head of the Eastern Europe program, Institute of International Affairs
Olena Bobakowa, journalist, association For Free Russia
Paweł Pieniążek, journalist, war reporter, author of the book "The War That Changed Us"

Iwona Reichardt, deputy editor-in-chief, New Eastern Europe

Organizers: New Eastern Europe, Aleksander Kwaśniewski's Foundation "Amicus Europea" and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy



Concert of the band – Five-Storey Ensemble (Minsk)

Date: September 24, at 20.00
Place: Center for the Meeting of Cultures, 1 Teatralny Square (cinema room)

Old cinema with live music
Buster Keaton's film "Sherlock Jr" (1924)

Free entrance

The band was formed in 2012 to create new music. The main musical components are constituted by works of composers Olga Podgaiska and Vitali Eppov, as well as works of contemporary composers. The Band performs in different places. They released two albums from the Italian label "Altrock" in 2013 and 2017. The "Kinemo" project is a separate part. It combines modern academic music with cinema. It takes place in the form of an annual international festival. At his sessions, musicians play their own scores, written especially for each film.

For the first time in Lublin, Five-Storey Ensemble will play a silent movie – Buster Kitton's masterpieces "Sherlock Jr." from 1924. The music for the film was composed by Olga Podgaiskaya, initially the soundtrack for the film was written for the symphony orchestra and was made in 2017 by the Minsk Orchestra "Sonorus". In Lublin, a chamber version for three musicians is presented. Artists: Olga Podgaiskaya – piano, Oksana Gerasimenok – violin, Vitaly Appow – soprano saxophone, bass guitar.



Date: September 24

Bicycle ride – Topic "How to safely get around the city by bike". To take a part in this bicycle ride you need register via e-mail kongres@lublin.eu, in the subject of e-mail, please enter "Enrollment for a bike" (pl. "Zapisy na rower"). In the e-mail, please enter your name and contact telephone number. The order of applications decides.

Departure of the 1st group – at 14.00-15.30
Departure of the 2nd group – at 17.30-19.00,

Place: rebound at 1 Teatralny Square



Exhibition accompanying the line "Heritage and reconciliation" – Ukrainian artist and performer Micro Cuts (Zaporoze / Lviv)

Date: September 24-25
Place: Lublin Conference Center, 2 Grottger Street, room S8

On-line exhibition “Dreams of Freedom on the 100th Anniversary of Independence”

Date: 24-25 September
Place: space of the Lublin Conference Center (LG TVs)

Organizer: Saint. Wojciech-Adalbert Foundation.


Exhibition "We support people who believe in the sense of change"

Date: September 24-30
Place: Corridors of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures, 1 Teatralny Square

Poland and its eastern neighbors form a system of connected vessels, one region. Its shape is not indifferent to us. We are co-responsible for it by supporting people who believe in building a civil society, political pluralism, the rule of law, solidarity with those in need, support for an open and friendly neighborhood.

The courage of transformation and their proven European direction have led to an unprecedented modernization of Poland. We believe that we can share this experience with others by supporting activities for the European modernization of neighboring countries.

The mission of the Leaders of Transformation Foundation is to support the elites of the countries of Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia – people who show a civic attitude and act for development in their countries. The main tasks of the Foundation is to administer multiannual programs established and financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation: The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program and the Study Tours to Poland Program. The Foundation also co-organizes the Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy in Warsaw WEASA. The Leaders of Transformation Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in 2016 by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation (PAFF)

The Foundation carries out its mission through:

  • Sharing Poland's experience in the process of systemic transformation and Euro-Atlantic integration.
  • Promotion of democratic, civic and market-related values.
  • Promotion of Poland as a friendly country and a country, which is interested in cooperation building in the region.
  • Supporting the development of social diplomacy.
  • Supporting cooperation between Polish and foreign non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions.

In carrying out its activities, the Foundation cooperates with universities, public and private institutions, local government units and non-governmental organizations throughout Poland.

Organizer: Leaders of Transformation Foundation


Exhibition of Russian independent photojournalists - Aleksandr Sorin, Olga Ingurazowa, Aleksandr Wasiukowicz

Date: September 24-30
Place: Corridors of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures, 1 Teatralny Square

The exhibition is the result of a documentary photography competition organized by the independent Fotodoc Gallery in Moscow, which presents photographs of the laureates of the competition from recent years. It shows the life of modern Russia in various scenes. We will find here reportage from the war in the East of Ukraine; a story about the life and death of soldiers of the battalion in Donbas; and images of the existence of civilians from the areas covered by the war. There is also a panorama of post-war Abkhazia – a self-proclaimed, separatist republic that has separated itself from Georgia and has been functioning for years in a strange suspension between war and peace. Among the photos we also find reportage about everyday life in the Caucasian Dagestan, in which kidnappings, robberies and murders happen almost every day. In the Caucasus a regular war ended a few years ago. About this region, seemingly calm, less and less are said in the media, but yet during the past five years over 3,000 people died in unexplained circumstances. The image of today's Russia is complemented by the intimate story of a family who adopted a small handicapped boy.

Aleksandr Sorin is a Russian photographer and a former war correspondent of the weekly "Itogi"; he photographed i.a. wars in Chechnya and Kosovo. He is the founder and curator of the independent photo-documentary Fotodoc Gallery at the Sakharovsky Center in Moscow, the organizer of the competition for independent photographers Fotodoc. His works were published in Forbes, Newsweek, National Geographiс, and GEO.

Olga Ingurazowa is an independent photographer; she has documented i.a. separatist movements in the Caucasus. Her works were presented at the finals of such photo contests as FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project, IAFOR Documentary Photography Award, and Efremov Report Photography Competition. Ingurazowa was on the list of the top 30 young photographers of the Magnum Photo agency.

Aleksandr Wasiukowicz was born in 1985, photographer-freelancer, lives in Minsk, Belarus. He is a laureate of the Grand Prix at Press Photo in Belarus in 2012. He cooperates with Belarusian and foreign media, as well works on authorial projects.


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